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AH, KOYA: Touch Gloves And Get Ready To Rumble In The First Teaser For Kishi's Boxing Drama Twofer

If boxing dramas are your thing, then you can attribute your latest query to Terayama Shuji, author of the 1966 novel, Ah, Koya. Actors Suda Masaki and Yang Ik-June take the lead in the film adaptation set in a not-too-distant future Shinjuku in Tokyo where a troubled youth and a stuttering recluse meet in a boxing gym - a succession in overcoming their own personal odds...

(Suddenly I feel like watching Crying Fist again.)

Ah, Koya was adapted for the screen by Minato Takehiko, and helmer Kishi Yoshiyuki - the latter who reunites with Suda in this, their second outing of three - the third being an immediate sequel in the form of Ah, Koya 2. Both respectively open in Japan on October 7 and October 21.

Check out the first teaser below!

Frankly, CHINA SALESMAN Looks Like Crap

And sounds like crap, but if the explosions and action are what reel you in for China Salesman, then kudos.

Tan Bing writes and directs with Brotherhood Of Blades co-star Ethan Li starring in the title role as our cheekily addressed protagonist doing business in Africa. It all somehow adds up to a fight scene between Mike Tyson's frown and Steven Seagal's wavy hands - all accompanied by piss poor acting and dialogue, high speed chases, terrible CG, and a Henry Cavill lookalike just to pepper things up some...

Yeah, please take my money. ūüėĎ

The latest trailer has it all... and explody things. Enjoy.

Watch Two New Trailers For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

We've got more than a month until Jon Watts's Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters and so Sony Pictures has plenty of time and opportunity to make its case. The only minor downside is that apparently Wonder Woman is the most anticipated superhero film of the summer, which is great for Warner Bros.'s still-fledgeling DC cinematic foray, and for a film that's already rating higher than expected among early viewers.

Still, the new film now bringing actor Tom Holland to the forefront of the webslinger's latest franchise reboot should still garner its share of summer movie success, particularly since the latest cut of the film is what's pushing the current prospects for Tom Hardy's R-rated Venom and other shared-Spiderverse titles. For this, as a reboot all its own, it still has to adhere to Marvel's own fast track toward ending Phase 3 with two major Avengers films looming, and the latest trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming now online appear to do just …

Bona To Lead Investment In WWII Epic, MIDWAY; Roland Emmerich To Direct

Fresh out of Cannes Bona Film Group will lead the investment on renowned director Roland Emmerich's new World War II epic, Midway for The Mark Gordon Company. Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012, 10,000 B.C., Independence Day: Resurgence) will direct the film from a script by Wes Tooke, inspired by the true story of the Battle of Midway – a turning point in the Pacific theater of World War II in June of 1942.
As the logline reads: "The story follows the real soldiers and aviators who pulled off the unbelievable to turn the tide of the war." Bona will also release the film in China and has retained worldwide distribution rights excluding the U.S.. Bona founder, chairman and CEO Yu Dong will produce the film with Emmerich, as will MGC's own Mark Gordon and Matt Jackson, and producer Harald Kloser. MGC's Josh Clay Phillips will oversee on behalf of the company.
The film marks another partnership for Emmerich and the Mark Gordon Company following Emmerich's …

Sono Sion's TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL Checks In With A New Action Packed Trailer

Director Sono Sion's new nine part action horror series, Tokyo Vampire Hotel is gearing up for a June 16 premiere exclusively in Japan via Amazon Prime. Alas, there's nothing being stirred of a release anywhere else beyond that point and hopefully it will be strictly a matter of time soon, but at least the trailers are visble online to tease us poor Westerners. Ha!

The series follows Sono's protégé, actress Tomite Ami in the role of Manami, a young woman targeted amid Earth's takeover of the evil Corvin vampire tribe on the eve of her 22nd birthday. Upon her rescue by a mysterious and extraordinary heroine named K (Kaho) and with mankind's destruction looming, the epic story continues with a ragtag grouping of young men and women, some on a dating retreat, now trapped inside the lush Hotel Requiem whose eerie management promise safe haven from outside as long as their newfound prisoners continue to procreate more humans to feed off of.

Actor Mitsushima Shinnosuke …

T-34: Tanks...Tanks Everywhere In The First Trailer For Alexey Sidorov's WWII Epic

Emboldened by a string of five films, director/producer duo Alexey Sidorov and Ruben Dishdishyan are well on the way with the new war epic, T-34 which had its day at Cannes in the past week. Russian film agency Rosinko presented footage from the film ahead of its 2018 release and we now have a trailer to hint at what's being promised here: A one-man tank war against a squad of Nazi tanks. Things go boom no matter what the odds are. The year 1941. Young cadet Ivushkin, who’d just graduated, has to fight an uphill battle against Nazi tank ace Jager. Only few believe he’s got a chance: fighting alone against a dozen of German machines. Yet, luck favors the bold.Their second meeting might have never happened, but the fate at wartime is really into surprises - it grants each one his own. One gets true love who will help him overcome all the obstacles. The other one gets an obsession that drives him forward, burning down from the inside. 1944, Ohrdruf tank training ground. Captive Ivush…

Hitman Drama, ASHER, Casts Ron Perlman

He may not be Hellboy anymore beyond two great and memorable films, but Ron Perlman still stands out as one of the cinema's best actors. Out of Cannes, the news now is he will be starring in the new drama, Asher, which XYZ Films took to Cannes over the week.
Perlman stars in the title role, former member of the Mossad now living an austere life in Brooklyn, New York City as a gun for hire. Upon a job that goes sideways, he breaks an oath he took as a young man when he meets a woman named Sophie, a preamble to Asher's last ditch effort to kill the man he was in order to become the man he wants to be.
Also starring are Famke Janssen, Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Facinelli, Jacqueline Bisset, Richard Schiff, Guy Burnet and Nadine Velazquez with Rob Roy helmer Michael Canton-Jones directing from. Jay Zaretsky's script.
Perlman will produce via his Wing And A Prayer Pictures with Josh Crook, alongside Adam Folk of Bullet Pictures and Brian Wilkins of LINK Entertainment. Gersh and…


Two really great bits of news arrived this past weekend at Cannes with Well Go USA on hand to nab itself a nifty pair of titles after just recently acquiring Jung Byoung-Gil's The Villainess. Said titles bring actor and martial artist Max Zhang front and center for and even bigger spotlight with news on the acquisition of The Invisible Dragon and Cheung Tin-Chi, the latter which commences filming this summer.
Hailing from director Fruit Chan for a 2018 release, The Invincible Dragon casts Zhang opposite Anderson Silva in the story of a detective who, in the wake of a spate of homicides under investigation by his team, sets out to find his fiance√©'s kidnapper. Also starring are Stephy Tang, Kevin Cheng and JuJu Chan; Cheung Tin-Chi still awaits production but has Zhang lined-up to reprise the title role as seen in the Donnie Yen-starring 2016 hit, Ip Man 3, and will be joined by the likes of Dave Bautista (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2), Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden…

THE HIT LIST: May 22, 2017

Some great and surprising news came out of Cannes over the weekend and I've been busy like hell covering as much as I could. Those pieces are still up and so feel free to check those out, otherwise, you're more than welcome to enjoy yourself for this week's installment of The Hit List which, to say the least, finishes stronger than I even imagined.

We kick things off with a brand new playlist of stunt reels featuring some amazing work by Robert Bennett, David Russell Graham, Jazzy Ellis, Alex Del'Aquila, William Asbury, Maria Thomas, Brandon Alan Smith, Michael Carey, Gina Kessler, Benjamin Hinnant, Joseph Roark and Califf Guzman.

As far as promotiomal items go, there are a couple of bits and the first is a promo video by stuntman and fight choreographer Rustic B who has been hosting his own miniseries of film fighting tutorials for up-and-comers. He's stepping it up this month with the Fight Scene Challenge, and not without some promising perks for those who make t…

James Wan Boards RESIDENT EVIL Reboot As Producer

Screen Gems can likely withstand anything I would have to add due to its $1.2 billion dollars earned at the box office since 2002 with the Resident Evil film franchise. That said, one can only hope their latest reboot efforts leave off with better results following Sunday's news.

The reboot doesn't have a director yet but is said to be the start of another six-film franchise. In the meantime, Constantin Film who announced their involvement in producing, will be joined by Aquaman helmer James Wan whose credits are a litany of otherwise successful horror hits like the Saw and The Conjuring films, will serve as producer and Michael Clear hailing from Wan's Atomic Monster banner.
The new film will be written by Greg Russo who also wrote the script for New Line Cinema's upcoming Mortal Kombat adaptation for debut director Simon McQuoid, for which Wan is also producing among several titles, including Smart House and Robotech. Wan's Aquaman will be done for Warner Bros.…