WITCH: Don't Miss The Incredible First Trailer For Park Hoon-Jung's New Suspenseful Thriller

Park Hoon-Jung isn't finished with enthralling the niche crowd with appetizing concepts. The noted V.I.P. and The Tiger helmer and I Saw The Devil scribe is back and offering his latest on a platter loaded with enough cerebral intrigue to surprise and dazzle you with thrilling action and chilling spectacle with Witch, opening later this month and starring Kim Da-Mi in the title role.

Rounding out the cast is actress Jo Min-Soo and Monstrum actors Choi Woo-Sik and Park Hee-Soon to culminate the story of a high-school student trained to become a weapon after suffering pre-mature memory loss. What ensues is an identity crisis with revelations pertaining to deadly scientific experiments attributed in the process as she finds herself embroiled in a crime and forced to battle mysterious foes.

The first trailer arrived about a week ago with The Film Stage lending their first coverage and you can now share it here in case you haven't seen it yet.


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