THE HIT LIST: June 4, 2018

My energy level was sputtering all weekend. I had some much needed fun though and got to decompress and meet some new and beautiful people. Happy start to my summer.

L to R (top): Masami Kosaka, J.C. Leuyer, Sadiqua Bynum, Cyrus Leisy, Bobby Nickels
L to R (bottom): Sonalii Castillo, Peter Syckelmoore, Seydina Balde, Frans Steyn, Sarah Chang
I'm also where the independent action and stunts are as we commence with this week's return of the Hit List after a period of catching up and a little more rest in between. We begin with the familiar name of Judit Szvia and I couldn't be more proud to start her at the top of this week's playlist of stunt and athetic reels followed by contributions from Ryan Robertson, Darin Hicks, Cyrus Leisy, Peter Syckelmoore, Sadqiua Bynum, Frans Steyn, Robert Linden, Lexter Santana and J.C. Leuyer.

Promotional items are quite a handful with Kamen Ramen Studios off and promoting their June 7 online Tokusatsu short, Homemade Hero G starring Gee "Lil' Bomb" Jay, and actor and filmmaker Sam Puefua's latest offering to neon-lit female-centric revenge thrills with the Oniros Film Fest-selected Mamba starring Sonalii Castillo.

Third in the playlist is a teaser for a television/webseries proof of concept that garnered my interest for a few weeks before I heard back from its star, actor and martial artist Seydina Balde. Protection Fantome is the name with Seydina leading the story of an officer whose elite witness protection agency out for retribution against a powerful criminal organization when he fails for the first time.

Last and WAY FAR from least is the official trailer for The Division, a short-form proof of concept making it's way to exclusive screenings in London this summer. It's the latest brainchild of film and fighting duo, actors Jean-Paul Ly and Law Plancel and you are more than welcome to read all about the details by clicking here as well.

Following that are some pictorals straight from Instagram, firstly with a raft of on-set production stills from Bobby Nickels' latest piece of work, Flux Action. This was a project that Bobby himself launched crowdfunding for last summer and a year later, this little independent feat is nearing the finish line before going into post-production.

Below is at least one still of several you can now catch at Instagram, while the second photo just beneath hails from actress Kerry Lacy who is currently on the way with a second chapter to follow up Stacey Maltin's thrilling character study, Viola, which brings us to this week's action treats from around the web and thus, we begin with the aforementioned inaugural shortfilm thriller that got some festival attention in the past year or so before being quietly released online. Stuntman Paul Varrachi who coordinates the calamity in the second half, plays opposite Kerry in a tale that delves into the dark confessionals of a woman who, in a word or more, is, well... pretty sick of everyone's shit. Paul plays a fugitive rapist on the loose and as narratives like these usually go, it doesn't end well for one of these two.

Bobby Nickels in FLUX ACTION
Kerry Lacy in VIOLA 2

Viola is currently prohibited from viewing on other sites, so click here to watch it in full. Beyond that, it's off to the races this week for the playlist in tow and with plenty of fisticuffs to make the rounds courtesy of filmmaker, action actor and stuntman Marques Zaror with performances by Zaror himself along with Branden Arnold, Pat Chu, Rabon Hutcherson II, Darin Hicks, Mark Hudson, Cycerli Ash, Amber Lamarca and many, many more.

Zhanna Sattseva and PeiPei Alana Yuan keep the monentum going with a short interlude of their own followed by K Dynamique's OTT proof of concept, G1NMAN KILL with music by Tom Konidas, Hymson Chan shepherds the action and comedy in Where's A Cop When You Need One?, the almighty Bryan Sloyer contains his kill zone in Night Watch, Joseph Roark reaps what he sows in revenge short, Unforgiven with the aforementioned Branden Arnold, Tolga Degirmen with a small band of players led by Kai Fung Rieck for action concept, Slice And Shoot and Anton Simpson-Tidy kills 'em all in Ashley Beck's anime-inspired Afro Samurai: Vexed.

Second to last is the amazing jidaigeki shortfilm opus, Sword Of The Dead whose director, Stephen Vitale was recently the subject of an interview you can also now catch here. Last and far from least is the inaugural outing of Jeremy Weiss' thrilling new short, The Teacher, filmed at the vast and newly-opened Wanda Film Studios in China and starring Sarah Chang forced to whip out her syllabus of fists and fury to lay the past to rest one last time.

This is a really fun playlist if you ask me. Enjoy it all!

L to R (top): Zhanna Sattsaeva, Kai Fung Rieck, Cycerli Ash, Anton Simpson-Tidy, PeiPei Alena Yuan
L to R (bottom) Gee "Lil' Bomb" Jay, Robert Linden, Amber Lamarca, Bryan Sloyer, Branden Arnold

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