THE DIVISION: 'Jailbreak' Stars Jean-Paul Ly And Laurent Plancel Strike Back In The Official Trailer

Nick Gibbons
Close to a decade in and having found worthwhile partnership in martial arts and film, more lucrative prospects are officially in the works for cohorts, Jailbreak fighting duo Jean-Paul Ly and Laurent Plancel. As such, Colin Emerson's 2015 short, Dead End, would be but the beginning of a worthwhile agenda by our performers to push diversity and further the betterment of independent action film production on London's front, and with seamless progress and artistic gravitas akin to the proliferation of elite stuntmen-turned-directors in today's industry.

Fast forward into the past year or so with the two putting things in motion behind a deep veil whilst working between their schedules on other film and TV works. Alas, here comes The Division starring both Plancel and Ly and signaling the entry of Law Gravity Ltd. and JLP Films. The two are definitely in their element for the action design while Ly wears multiple hats as editor and debut director with Plancel also executive producing, and with Sam Walker fitting it all on canvas as director of photography, thus providing a worthwhile thirty-minute prelude with the option of either television or a feature film production as a favorable possibility.
Set throughout the course of one day in London, Jake (Ly) and Lance (Plancel), members of the extreme special forces unit 'The Division’, strive to save the city from terrorist attacks in a race against time.
Time will tell when The Division arrives in the fashion that it may, while in terms of the aforementioned film and TV duties, you can catch our performers in their own respective occupations on AMC's Into The Badlands, as well as on the forthcoming martial arts thriller, Nightshooters and Jimmy Henderson's upcoming Gu Sheng Wei starrer, The Prey among others.

At any rate, London screenings for The Division are pending, and no less to set a major precedent for martial arts action and film production straight from the U.K.. Ly and Plancel had been dreaming of it for a long time time and so with this, it should come as no surprise that this is something I support. And I hope you all will too.



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