Funimation's Live-Action ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM Graduates To U.S. Release In August

Wild 7 and Over Drive helmer Hasumi Eiichiro is finally being granted the stateside audience for Funkmation Films' DVD/Blu-Ray/Fun Digital release, Assassination Classroom. Both the 2015 live-action adaptation of Yusei Matsui's Jump manga and its 2016 sequel, Assassination Classroom: Graduation will get a subtitle-only package deal ahead of its August 7 release telling of the epic saga centered on a group of delinquent students secretly faced with saving the world from destruction at the hands of a teacher in the form of an alien they've come to love.
The killer manga comes to life in this two-part movie series. Join the students of Class 3-E as they learn to become proper assassins and try to kill their teacher. But he’s no ordinary instructor—he’s a tentacled creature with a thirst for destruction! And while they train to take him out they quickly learn there’s more to Koro Sensei than a will to kill which could put a damper on their mission.
Catch the trailer below!


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