WIRO SABLENG: A New Legend Is Born In The International Trailer For The New Martial Arts Fantasy Adaptation

Instantly, Friday's campaign kick-off with the official teaser trailer for Angga D. Sasongko's latest, Wiro Sableng, delivered hard and heavy courtesy of a certain merc-with-a-mouth. It's certainly an inviting feat apart from what we now get with an official international teaser trailer for the masses abroad as starring actor Vino G. Bastian readies to hit screens this August from 20th Century Fox and Lifelike Pictures.

Taken from the pages of the long celebrated action adventure novel saga from Bastian's father, author Bastian Tito, the story itself is set in the 16th century and centered on the axe-wielding hero of legend who accrues a number of skills on his adventures. Folks familiar with the IP or the language might be a lot more keen on what sorts of story gems the teaser trailer hints at but the footage itself hints and something pretty spectacular. And even better: seeing Yayan Ruhian in action and signaling the fans he's earned in the last ten years ought to help serve this film's moviegoing audience pretty sizeable.
Based on the novel written by Bastian Tito. Wiro Sableng tells the story of Wiro, a warrior born with the number “212” in his chest. Follow his adventure in meeting Pencak Silat teachers and gaining supernatural powers in the process.
Ruhian also serves as fight choreographer as well in the good auspices of Jackie Chan stunt veteran, action director Chan Man Ching. Rounding out the cast are Sherina Munaf, Marsha Timothy, Lukman Sardi, Rifnu Wikana, Dwi Sasono, Marcella Zalianty, Marcell Siahaan, Happy Salma, Yayan Ruhian, Ruth Marini, Fariz Alfarazi, Yayu Unru and action fan favorite Cecep Arief Rahman with Dian Sidik, Yusuf Mahardika, and Aghniny Haque also starring.

Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Wiro Sableng!


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