WE CAME TO WRECK EVERYTHING: Blood Spills Both Ways In The First Teaser Poster For The Upcoming Dark Crime Comedy

I first came in touch with producer Yair Karlberger when he went to work on a concept trailer for a webseries that sadly never came to pass. He's since moved on with other projects and just recently he's provided our platform with some exciting bits of info to share for upcoming crime thriller, We Came To Wreck Everything.

Hailing from Magic Button Films, Alex Kaju directs his feature debut from his own script for an indie-produced dark comedy crime pic led by an all-cast following a fifteen-day shoot with a budget of less than the cost of a pick-up truck, and a gear sponsorship from Ontario Camera. Kaju and Karlberger produce with Brian Quintero and Dmitry Lopatin serving as director of photography.
A dark comedy about a disgraced olympian forced into the race of his life; a race for the lives of others, each result representing a roll of the dice and a new way not to die. We Came To Wreck Everything pits cheating gangsters against crooked cops, ex-soldiers against their ex-wives' lovers, and fallen families against families about to fall, all in a race not to the light, but out of the darkness. 
When Noel Elowa (Rolli Adenmosun) becomes a pawn in a game between two mobsters attempting to settle a score, he runs headfirst into mayhem with his old friend TL (Reece Presley), who just returned home from the war. Upon arrival, TL finds out that his wife has been screwing another man, codenamed ‘Jody’, and rustles his trusted squad together to go after Noel, who is accompanied by the beautiful Rachel (Rachel Sellan), who is tasked to protect him. 
Behind the scenes, the shifty Detective Cotton (Andrew Bee) and his young partner Turk (Trevor Ketcheson), follow the moves of these small town gangsters, trying to puzzle everything together. The past catches up with everyone and there’s another player emerging from the shadows; Fyodor (Mark Rival), who has a sinister plan of his own.
Also staring are Kealan Fitzpatrick and Peter Hodgins among the cast. The film is currently in post-production and thus, a new campaign is just beginning with fresh artwork and stills you can view below as well as over at the film's newly launched Facebook page.


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