THE PREY: 'Jailbreak' Director Teases A Bigger, Haunting Battlefield In The First Teaser Poster

Fresh from a festive rollout for martial arts comedy hit, Jailbreak, the first official poster for Jimmy Henderson's newer, darker venture with The Prey has just erected its first teaser poster. The obscure Bloody Destiny nonetheless proliferates local Chinese actor and martial artist Gu Sheng Wei, juxtaposing the rising star with good company with Henderson directing and Jailbreak producer Loy Te also serving in a producer capacity next to Altered Vision Films.
After years of tracking down international criminals, a trip to a remote jungle prison will force Chinese cop Xin to become human prey to fight for his freedom — and to save his own life. 
Undercover Chinese cop Xin is on a secret international mission when a surprise raid puts him in a remote jungle prison that plays by its own rules. Here, the visitors are wealthy thrill seekers. The guards are hostile puppet masters. And the prisoners are simply pawns in a high stakes game of human hunting human. 
It started as just another bad day for the do-gooder cop. That day gets a whole lot worse when the diabolical Warden singles Xin out for death at the hands of affluent hunters looking for the world’s ultimate kill. After years of hunting down ruthless criminals, Xin suddenly finds himself running for his life. 
If Xin manages to survive this sadistic game, he’ll walk out of the jungle the same way he came in: as a freeman. If Xin fails, he’s dead meat... and just another hunting trophy.
Principal photography wrapped in early April so things are still early for footage. Rest assured, local fans who've followed Henderson since Hanuman and the 2017 release of Jailbreak from its box office success in Cambodia to its high-end film festival reception will be in for a great treat when it comes to the action; Jailbreak star Jean-Paul Ly served strictly as action director coordinating and choreographing the demanding fight scenery pivotal to the vision that Henderson teased for us in our own interview in March:
"Time is always the biggest challenge." he says. "What we are trying to do with The Prey is much bigger than Jailbreak. We have bike stunts, car stunts, animal stunts, explosions, jumping from mountain cliffs and we’ll set someone on fire. That excluding all the hand-to-hand fight scenes. And we need to do all of that within a 30 days shoot. The biggest lesson I learn is to maintain control. The more you do this stuff, the more discipline you acquire. And this is ultimately what helps you become a better director."
Rounding out the cast are a raft of performers from director Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives, namely actor Vithaya Pansringarm who will star as The Warden, along with Byron Bishop, Sahajak Boonthanakit (Bad Genius) and Nophand Boonyai, and Jailbreak talents, actor and martial artist Dara Our (Hanuman) and actress Dy Sonita.

Check out the teaser poster!


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