Things are already stirring at Cannes with deals and announcements readying from now through next week. Millenium is on hand as well and with a revealing photo gone viral in its wake, we now have some context regarding a second title per Alex Ritman's exclusive at The Hollywood Reporter.

A script remains yet to be written whilst both Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are expected to reprise their roles for The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, according to the report which also cites the tagline: "The Good. The Bad. And the Batshit cray." The film follows last summer's The Hitman's Bodyguard from director Patrick Hughes, telling of a disgraced bodyguard whose troubled past with a hitman sees the two on a raucous journey of survival while a mad dictator - the subject of a war crimes investigation by the Hague - sends for their deaths.

Millenium's package also includes director Ric Roman Waugh's Angel Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler and Sylvester Stallone's long-awaited return for Rambo V announced over the weekend, in addition to a fourth Expendables film which has been in development for the last several years, as well as The Mechanic 3 following Simon West's 2011 reboot of the Charles Bronson classic, and Dennis Gansel's 2016 sequel - both headlined by Jason Statham.


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