THE HIT LIST: May 7, 2018

I can't say much about my weekend. Really it wasn't one - lots of work to be done and little time for R&R, frankly. The anime catch-up with SAO: GGO and Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis was nice though.

From L to R (top): Jefferson Lewis III, Christos Dante, Hope LaVelle, Arman Ansari, Johnny Gao
L to R (bottom): Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Donte Walker, Terence Julien, Kawui Joa, Megan Hui

As always, I left some room for The Hit List and we begin with the essentials starting with a raft of stunt reels from today's stunt talents beginning with the high-diving antics of Malin Kirjonen, the harpooning fight scene badassery of Peter Jang and Cobra Kai fall guy Noah Bain Garrett, followed by more stunt profusion with Anthony Rodriguez, Jackson Rosario, Kawui Joa, Mollie Wilson, Joseph Roark, Bryan Dodds, Mohammed J. Ali, Ted Alderman and stunt coordinator Tyler Hall.

This week's trailer playlist gems are good and plenty with just two to highlight starting with Clayton Barber's upcoming shortfilm sequel, Blindsided: The Game, which just premiered its official portrait poster last month. Eric Jacobus reprises as Walter Cooke, a blind apple pie connoisseur who, after laying waste to a gang of thugs and averting a shakedown at a local corner store, is forced to confront a crimeboss looking to put him in his place. Look for this one on May 17 on Jacobus's YouTube channel where you can still find the first film.


Following that is a teaser from last year that I can't remember sharing but still leaves plenty to hope for in Kyle Wong's latest, The Line. The project tells of a gangland enforcer held captive and fighting his way out whilst in search of a prized possession before the cops arrive. The Black Ice 140 production has been accepted into Action on Film Megafest & Hollywood Dreamz which launches in August in the States, and for good measure, we have artwork as well.

Enjoy the trailers!

The fight action begins with a pair of videos from the Fight Scene Machine himself, Jefferson Lewis III, and led by principals Preston Baker and Donte Walker. Following that are the latest two brooding fight gems from Bryan Sloyer opppsite Johnny Gao, and another pair of vids from Rustic B.'s channel featuring Gene Freeman with Aaron Toft and Jim Logan, and Sari Sabella with James Croak.

Hope LaVelle emerges as one of the latest to partake in the forthcoming spate of Power Rangers series audition vids before we head over to peep in on Michel Quach for a sick fight choreo sampler, and then over to New York City as conjoined twins Benjamin Hinnant and Noah Schultz band together to defend the park (hat tip to Kyro Waveborne for that entry).

Kai Young weighs back in on the Hit List with some more group fight scenery from Ravenswood Action Stunts, while Naser Kazmi gets caught in a three-way middle-finger/kicker free-for-all with Kai Ferris and Ben Van Huis, all just before Slava Dugin settles the score with Arman Ansari in Finland and Sunny Tellone and Veto Swarn work out their differences at Brazen Action Design.

Dylan Cashbaugh was recently able to put a Star Wars/Rey V. Kylo fan fight together starring Keetin Marchi and Leo Camacho, and Christos Dante makes his debut on The Hit List with a practice video he recently put together with local U.K. talent led by Maisie Carter (I actually found that one last week but I couldn't immediately track it in time for April 30, so I'm definitely able to do this now).

Lunar Stunts is back because I'll be damned if I didn't share their Aikido demo with Mickey Arce and Irvin Nguyen while Megan Hui haunts Adam Chase in Ken Do's Life Lessons With Adam, and Benabdellah Mohammed emerges with a seven-minute period thriller, untiltled, but nonetheless chills with its soundtrack and wooded horror film-style setting.

Rounding it all out is the latest release of Sarah Bitley's acclaimed new short, Pimpkillah. A forthcoming interview with Bitely will arise in the coming weeks in which she will discuss more about this project starring Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez (The Adventures Of Super7even, Stargate: Origins), its roots dating back to Bitely's own comic book roots prior to its creation, and the potential future it holds for further cinematic applications.

Enjoy the hits!

From L to R (top): Jackson Rozario, Kai Ferris, Keetin Marchi, Ben Van Huis, Bryan Dodds
L to R (bottom): Bryan Sloyer, Noah Schultz, Mollie Wilson, Noah Bain Garrett, Anthony Rodriguez

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