SUPERFLY: The Action Heats Up In The Newest Trailer!

Director X's forthcoming crime thriller redo, Superfly, opens on June 15 and with its campaign underway, we now have an official trailer. The new footage was exclusively covered at EW which cites lead actor Trevor Jackson's take on the vision of the film re: it's relocation to the bustling, culturally reflective city of Atlanta, Gerogia, in addition to the action and stunt work in which Jackson did the brunt of his own stuntwork.

Hopefully it will be more appealing upon the film's arrival. The first teaser trailer didn't do many favors for a lot of heavy-handed moviegoers with strong opinions weighing in on the Alex Tse-penned reimagining of the 1972 classic exploitation cult fave. You don't have to look too hard either and you can pretty much sum-up the responses and reactions about the new movie ranging anywhere from a rollback of the visage of black players in film and entertainment today, to just outwardly unnecessary.

As you can imagine, Director X certainly has his work cut out for him, and I actually share the same concerns. I'm not one to completely write-off a film based on it's trailer unless said trailer amounts to a serious, blaring crap (and I've seen my share of crap). Moreover - and I can only speak for American moviegoing audiences - ours has a pretty distinct habit of condemning a film before giving it a deserving chance. People did it with Dredd and now they're crying for lack of a sequel, and time will tell if those same paroxysmic tendencies from toxic skeptics will prevail over Joe Carnahan's effort to revive the fanfare of The Raid (personally I'd rather they didn't).

With Superfly, my sentiments are actually all the same. Granted, the film's more action packed moments as teased in EW aren't the sum of the film's entirety. Rather, reading the sections that emphasize the action and Jackson's own background in martial arts as a precursor to the film's training and fight scenes absolutely stood out to me.
“Every fight scene and every running through areas [scene], it was all me. I gotta say that because I’m still sore from it,” he says. “I definitely learned that this is not a joke. I definitely got beat up, but it was amazing to be on the other side of it and see how the stuff works.”
The idea of seeing Jackson ascend as a film star with a keen sense for physical acting is just the kind of performer that moviegoers who often muse and write about what I do, look for in a key actor. That said, I know plenty of stunt players and maybe even a few directors who would love to hone in on Jackson's talents and see them to their fruition. As for Superfly, as less keen I am on today's hip-hop culture and having not seen the classic myself or its sequel, I love a good, narrative feature drama and the idea of giving Superfly the chance it deserves with respect to its story, and the explosive action applied to this newer treatment.


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