PUNK SAMURAI SLASH DOWN Trailer: Ishii Gakuryu's Latest Runs High And Wild On Epicness

Big scale spectacle and irreverence seem to run high these days in terms of certain movie trends and aiming for it no less is director Gojoe and Bitter Sweet helmer Ishii Gakuryu as he returns to the fray with upcoming period action romp, Punk Samurai Slash Down. As opportune a collaboration it is and with punk music culture preceding the director as well as author Machida Ko who penned the 2004 novel, this one looks like quite the aspiring feat for today's audience at and with a June 30 release from Toei and an official trailer now online, I wouldn't be surprised if this started getting festival press in the coming days. Furthermore, the premise here is just fascinating!
The movie that Japan's best performers fought to be in. A movie that entertains audiences in the most imaginative and unimaginable way. Providing enough fun for the universe to burst into laughter! 
Every decade has its iconic moment. In 1969 Apollo 11 landed men on the Moon. In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down. In 1991 the world got its first website. Now on July 30, 2018, the release of this monumental movie is the entertainment event of this decade. 
Many well-established actors fought to be in this movie and the ones who were lucky enough to get roles were; Go Ayano, a chameleonic character actor whose expanding repertoire has no boundaries, and other A-list actors, Keiko Kitagawa, Masahiro Higashide and Shota Sometani. There are also top supporting actors such as Jun Murakami, Tatsuya Wakaba, Koen Kondo and Kiyohiko Shibukawa. And last but not least, international stars Tadanobu Asano, Jun Kunimura, Etsuji Toyokawa and a yet to be disclosed actor who will be playing a monkey dressed as a shogun. A stellar cast that may never be assembled again showcase their extraordinary talent in this exciting new movie written by one-of-a-kind screenwriter Kankuro Kudo and directed by none other than Gakuryu Ishii. 
It's about a little bluff that triggers a secret samurai mission. Ten men who try to guess each other's ulterior motives. A woman and her romance. And a monkey who reveals an astounding secret. Who will live to the end? A story beyond our earthly comprehension is about to be unveiled...
Watch the official trailer below and and stay tuned for the reviews from festival critics to come.


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