NIGHTSHOOTERS: Actor Jean-Paul Ly Stunts And Grunts During Post Production

I can't divulge too much, but what I can tell you is that if you lived Jailbreak, Marc Price's upcoming thriller, Nightshooters, may very well bring you in for a real treat. The film will have its day at the Silver Theater, host to an MCM Comic-Con cast and crew panel on May 26 where attendees will also get an exclusive viewing of the official trailer for its Summer UK release from Ascendant Releasing.
In Nightshooters, a group of filmmakers find themselves on the run from a violent horde of criminals after witnessing a brutal gangland execution. Unable to flee the building they have been shooting in, the hapless film crew use their technical skill and knowledge to survive as the gangsters move in to eliminate witnesses.

With the stunt man being a martial arts master, the special effects guru ditching safety to set lethal traps, and the sound department placing radio mics to track their attackers, it becomes a strategic game of survival against all odds.
Helmed by award-winning writer/director Marc Price (Colin, Magpie) and boasting a great up-and-coming cast fronted by the next big action star, Jean-Paul Ly (Jailbreak, Doctor Strange, Lucy), Nightshooters fuses elements of The Raid, Blow-Up and Blow Out with quick-fire gags, gangsters and hard-hitting action.
Needless to say, footage is on the slow-but-sure path. Until then, the Colin and Magpie helmer is teasing social mediaites and fans alike with a post-production look behind-the-scenes with lead actor Jean-Paul Ly voicing in on the film's fight scenery which he choreographs.

Enjoy yourselves in the Instagram post below!


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