Look Out For Well Go USA Arrivals In Sports Drama, CHAMPION And Crime Thriller Redo, BELIEVER

It's always a good day when Well Go USA delivers, and the Texas-based niche distributor has apparently snatched up two titles for U.S. release. The first hails from sales agent, Finecut which reportedly sold Kim Yong-Wan's Sylvester Stallone-inspired freshman debut, Champion, has also found a home with multiple territories, U.S. included.

As Lee Hyo-Won writes at The Hollywood Reporter, the film made number two at the local box office this week on Tuesday after its May 1 open. Don Lee (Train To Busan, The Outlaws) stars as an L.A. nightclub bouncer whose redemptive underdog rise in arm-wrestling with the help of a schemer serves as a means to reunite with his long lost family in South Korea.

Champion, the latest production from Warner Bros. Pictures Korea, reportedly also sold to Hong Kong and Macau (Edko Films), Malaysia and Brunei (Clover Films), Philippines (Rafaella Films International), Taiwan (Sky Films Entertainment) and Vietnam (Mint C&M) with Warner Bros. Singapore releasing in Singapore.

The other title in question has already signaled itself by way with a trailer and a release date forthcoming for Believer, a remake of Johnnie To's hit crime thriller, Drug War, telling of a relentless detective on a mission to bring down an elusive crime boss with the reluctant help of a low level member of the cartel. Cho Jin-Woong stars along with Ryu Jun-Yeol, Kim Sung-Ryoung and Park Hae-Jung, and with late actor Kim Ju-Hyeok in his final performance as the villain.

Believer opens in South Korea later this year.


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