INRANG: Kim Jee-Woon's 'Jin Roh' Remake Howls Online With Two New Teaser Posters

I'm almost instantly fascinated by any piece of film put out from I Saw The Devil helmer Kim Jee-Woon. His recent release, The Age Of Shadows, further showcased his strength in harnessing the full breadth and scope of a period war epic which pretty much holds firm enough in describing Okiura Hiroyuki's 1999 animated thriller, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. The relevancy here, though, is that Kim has taken the mantle for a live-action adaptation of Oshii Mamoru's beloved Kerberbos saga-based sci-fi anime classic.

Inrang is the name and from a script by none other than the venerable Oshii who does away with the alt-1950's German-conquered Japan setting for a dystopian futuristic Korea where the North and South are seven years in their negotiations become a united country. At the crux of the tale is the beleagured member of a troubled special counterterrorism unit following a deadly incident with a suicide bomber, and a beautiful woman claiming to be her sister, ensuing a dangerous romance as overlapping duplicity threatens the government's most elite military police forces.

Gang Dong-won leads the cast and rejoins with fellow Golden Slumber remake actress Han Hyo-joo. Also starring are Asura star Jung Woo-Sung, Kim Moo-Yul of Forgotten and Champion actress Han Ye-Ri among the cast. Any teaser and trailer content are otherwise forthcoming but with two months left, I'm guessing the wait won't be long and so the two new teaser posters now online are more than enough to signal fans that the aforementioned director isn't going away yet.

Check them out below!


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