FURIE: Get A Ferocious Look At Veronica Ngo In The New Vietnamese Action Thriller From Arclight

Veronica Ngo has proven herself continuously with splashing display of dramatic and screenfighting prowess and gravitas in films like The Rebel and Clash, and has remained so in such films as Dustin Nguyen's Once Upon A Time In Vietnam, her US debut in Netflix’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny and next to Noomi Rapace in David Ayer's Netflix hit, Bright. Now the Star Wars: The Last Jedi co-star back in full-fledged film-fighting fashion with Furie, hailing from Arclight Films and with a first look photo with sales forthcoming at the Marché du Film.

In the vein of the international box office hit action film The Raid, Furie follows Hai Phuong (Ngo) a gangster who retired from the life of crime after the birth of her daughter. Despite lying low in the countryside, she can’t seem to escape her violent past when her daughter is kidnapped right before her eyes. Hai Phuong is forced back into the life she swore she would leave behind and will stop at nothing to get her daughter back from the infamous organ-trafficking ring.
Le Van Kiet (The Rich Woman, The Lost Tour: Vietnam) is directing alongside acclaimed action director and Film Combat Syndicate favorite Kefi Abrikh (Jason Bourne, Lucy), with actress Ngo producing along with Bey Logan.
“The appetite for female-led action films and for thriller genre fare is very strong in the international marketplace,” commented Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton. “Veronica Ngo, the star of Furie, is one of Vietnam’s biggest stars right now making massive international waves. This film is the next Raid and is a real hidden gem...”
Admittedly while the oft used Raid title serves feasibly as a selling factor for some ambitious action pics, it's not a wholly far-fetched idea. I've covered some of Abrikh's work in the past and when it comes to his show of fight choreography and stunt performance and coordination for film with fan films and short-duration projects online like Resident Evil: The Nightmare of Dante, Angry Phones, Bladed Minds, Focus and Angry Phones with Jailbreak co-star Céline Tran, you can visibly deduce that he knows his stuff, and he's got other shortfilm projects that are still a mystery as well and would love to check out and share as well. Needless to say with Ngo and Abrikh on hand, a film like Furie is in good hands.

Also on Arclight's next to Furie this month is writer and director John Murlowski's sci-fi invasion thriller, Replicate, starring Joel Courtney, actress Andi Matichak and actor
Cam Gigandet.


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