Crime Thriller BAYOU Sets O'Brien, Oldman To Star For 'Homefront' Director

Fresh out of Cannes in the midst of pre-sales, American Assassin and Maze Runner trilogy star Dylan O’Brien is readying to film crime-thriller, Bayou. Andreas Wiseman's exclusive at Deadline is breaking news on the project which is being housed under Millenium at Cannes and with Oscar-winning Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star Gary Oldman also attached.
In the movie, “The Bayou” is where an aging and colorfully immoral mob hit man named Tickie Bordeaux (Oldman) hides his victims. Tickie is mentoring dangerous young Ceto (O’Brien), who lost his kid sister to the crime underworld, and now expresses himself on his blues harmonica. They work for crime boss, Emmeline, who operates out of a French Quarter gentleman’s club, along with her right hand, Stella the Madame.

Ceto is rising fast, until he secretly spares a 16-yr-old runaway named Billie during a killing. The girl follows Ceto, and asks for help, because she has nobody else. They develop a brother/sister-type relationship, that ultimately sets Ceto on a violent collision course with his bosses.
Cameras will roll this summer in New Orleans, Louisiana, sitting Homefront (2013) helmer Gary Fleder in the director's chair. Executive producer and Point Break (1991) scribe W. Peter Iliff penned the script with Avi Lerner (The Expendables), Natalie Burn (The Expendables 3) and Rob Van Norden (Olympus Has Fallen) producing, and Jeffrey Greenberg, Jonathan Yunger and Doug Urbanski also executive producing.


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