VENOM: Tom Hardy Parleys With His Inner-Killer Alien In The Official Trailer

Save for those who've read "Lethal Protector" and "Planet Of The Symbiotes", it still stands a mystery as to how Ruben Fleischer's new comic book movie, Venom, will pan out by its October 5. What's not a mystery anymore is just what justice, exactly, lead actor Tom Hardy might do when he dons the iconic character himself in full bloom - which he finally gets to in the newly-released trailer now here following its CinemaCon airing and a pre-emptive online leak. And the newest poster is no joke either!

Tom Hardy is joined by Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze and Reid Scott for this latest R-rated bit of fanfare inspired by the Marvel Comics' 1984 Spider-Man offshoot which became official in title in 1988. For this, time will tell how long it'll be before we witness actor Woody Harrelson spawning the red symbiote as Carnage following rumors that sprung earlier this month which subsequently took a life of their own. Otherwise, that'll be next on the to-do list for Sony in this instance apart from more of Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Enjot the trailer!


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