The Official Red-Band Trailer For Leigh Whannell's SXSW Stunner, UPGRADE, Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

More than two decades in with memorable film and acting credits in titles like The Matrix Reloaded and the Insidious franchise, it's no secret that Leigh Whannell's other pursuits in film have been behind the lens for sometime now. He also wrote the Insidious and Saw films as well as the Millott/Murnion horror romp, Cooties, which proved to be a rousing crowdpleaser several years ago.

Whannell's craft and ability to tap into audience made clear, his latest, Upgrade, continued making his case this year upon premiering at SXSW, with critics flooding the internet with praise, and others echoing their sentiments all over Twitter. The film is opening on June 1 and rest assured, it's an omnious occasion for Blumhouse having earned itself quite the favor after hits such as Get Out and Happy Death Day.

Whannell pens the script for Upgrade with a story set in an age when technology controls nearly all aspects of life. Prometheus Logan Marshall-Green stars as a technophobe who falls victim to a paralyzing attack by a gang of thugs who murder his wife as he watches. His chance at vengeance comes surprisingly with an experimental, autonomous chip implant called Stem which not only enables him to walk, but further imbues him with abilities to enact extraordinary measures to find his wife's killers and exact justice.

Upgrade also stars Get Out and The Purge: Election Year actress Betty Gabriel, and actors Harrison Gilbertson, Simon Maiden and Benedict Hardie. The official trailer is finally here and nor being able to attend SXSW, finally seeing what the fuss was about already has me waiting in line for tickets - the fight scenery, the action and gore, the energy and comedy, it's probably the best thing you'll see today, if not one of the best. 

Watch the trailer below and make it your priority in the next two months!


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