Teaser: PUNK SAMURAI SLASH DOWN Teases Period Samurai Thrills, Intrigue And Shenanigans

Gojoe and Bitter Honey helmer Ishii Gakuryu, and author Machida Ko share a familiarity with punk music and culture. Thus, it seems pretty fitting the two share a film lineage that now extends to an adaptation of Machida's 2004 Magazine House publication, Punk Samurai Slash Down, and now with a June 30 release in tow.

If the novel is any indication, the film may very well be as bizzare in its impertinent approach. It details the quagire that beleaguers an opportunistic ronin who tries to manipulate his way into a dysfunctional samurai clan by pitting himself as the victim of a doomsday cult. Bakuman scribe Kudo Kankuro penned the script that sees Ajin actor Ayano Gou lead the cast.

There will definitely be some surprises along the way, and especially for those who are new to this IP like me. Indeed, I stand among a niche that should be no stranger to gonzo and bizzare, derivative or even just overtly whacky, I'd say there's room for a film like this. Without question.

Teaser below!


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