STREGA: Bueno's Sexy Purple Partner Packs A Punch In The Newest Teaser Trailer

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Filmmaker and tokusatsu maverick, Bueno, now brings us slightly closer to the halfway mark before the theatrical cut release of Strega, the sequel to his most recent feature suit action adventure, Gun Caliber. Production is on going with final action sequences gearing up for next month following strategic cutbacks to earlier intended wire stunts due to production constraints while Bueno currently aims to manifest a splashy, action-packed saga fitting for an era that even now seems to graciously welcomes R-rated Marvel film fandom.
Strega is a direct sequel to our first film, Gun Caliber, and is set a few years after the events of that film. The Japanese government decides to even further regulate superheroes AND the overall populace using the Vector Card, a new ID system.
Vector also happens to be a corporation that has been gradually extending its power behind the scenes. Our hero, Soma Kusanagi, is a foul-mouthed ruffian marked as a persona non-grata by not only the government, but also Vector.
However, he's one of the only people who can equip the "Stray Buckle" which transforms him into the hero Strega. Due to his pariah status, Soma, the former Gun Caliber, is forced to keep his newfound identity of Strega secret from the public eye.
When a mysterious, yet boisterous Vector Card hacker emerges with a sinister plot to turn all of Tokyo into monsters, Soma is partnered up with a new recruit, Sayuri. Tokyo's fate now depends on the two unlikely heroes rising to their greatest challenge yet.
With a theatrical cut slated for this winter followed by a webseries run in 2019, monthly updates are continually made in the film's Indiegogo news feed while Bueno and co. move forward to a possible June wrap of principal photography. In the meantime, fans are now being graced with a new teaser introducing AV actress Miori Mai in the role of our foul-mouthed, X-rated hero's new partner.

Also starring are Ayane Haruna, Fujiwara Sakurako, Oka Hideki, Kimura Keisaku and Hachidori Amita with action sequences coordinated by Taniguchi Hiroyuki. Check it out!


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