Steven Seagal Thriller, ATTRITION, Gets A Full Trailer

It's no easy feat to accomodate actor Steven Seagal given recent headlines pertaining to his career of yestertear and certain allegations that have gone public earlier this year. Nonetheless, Cannes attendees looking toward next month can expect Saradan Media to make a presence with their roster of projects with at least two bearing Seagal's name.

For this, we have Covert Operation director Mathieu Weschler on the way back to the masses with upcoming action thriller, Attrition. Seagal, who has been shepherding the film for several years and serves as producer, stars in the film as a stoic former soldier, reawakened with a peaceful life in Asia where he'll reunite with his former team of badasses when a desperate father alerts him of his gifted daughter's kidnapping at the hands of an ailing, seedy and ruthless crime boss.

Seagal is in ample company as well, joined by nothing short of a top notch horde of action cinema headliners to bookend the cast including Louis Fan (Ip Man), Donnie Yen cohort Yu Kang (Big Brother), and rising action talent and award-winning stuntman, actor Yoon Cha-Lee (Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A). Also starring are Ting Sue and Kat Ingkarat (Locked Up), with James Bennett (Kill 'Em All), Rudy Youngblood (Wind Walkers) and MMA Fighter Sergey Badyuk. 

We'll learn more about what will entail in acquisitions as the weeks pass while Saradan has since begun rolling out a new trailer and poster to signal the film's market presence.

Check out the trailer from Saradan Media.


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