SPECIAL MISSION: Louis Fan Breaks Out The Big Guns In The Latest Trailer

As much as I've grown to appreciate Louis Fan over the years, I'll stand by any director who chooses to put him front and center on a film project. This week, that nod goes to Yin Chenyang whose latest venture, Special Mission, sticks him right on the front lines in leading man fashion with a number of fresh faces Xu Jiawen, Yang Ming, Si Ligeng and Guo Zhen.

While there's no plot info I can instantly delve into here, at the very least there's a trailer for all of us to take a gander at. It's coming to Youku this Friday as well and that's all I have - that, and all the more hope that we get to see more of Fan in starring roles as talented and proficient as he is, particularly seeing as he's up to co-star in Matthieu Weschler's Attrition in an English-speaking role.

Peep the trailer below!

*The lovely and talented Yi Liu Christina contributed to this post and you can follow her on Instagram at @yliu99.


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