REDBAD: Fire And Vengeance Sweep The Land In The Official Trailer

Release dates are still pending for The Admiral helmer Roel Reiné's new sword-and-shield epic, Redbad. In the meantime, the official trailer is now running online following its most recent presentation at Dutch Comic Con this month where Reiné and select cast members attributed some lip service to the film's campaign ahead of its June 28 release.

Actor Gils Naber stars in the film set in the Dutch town of Dokkum as the Frisian king, jaded by old Frisian pagan traditions. He finds himself exiled and blamed for his father's death at the hands of the Frankish invasion and later marries a Danish princess after aiding the king in defeating a rival army, bolstering his own efforts to return his homeland and settle the score with ambitious warlord Pepijn van Herstal once and for all.

Also starring are Lisa Smit, Loes Haverkort, Søren Malling, Derek de Lint and Jonathan Banks. Check out the trailer below from Screendaily.


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