Halle Berry To Possibly Join JOHN WICK: CHAPTER THREE

The current production of John Wick: Chapter 3 was one of the biggest highlights that arose during CinemaCon last week. A teaser poster emerged which didn't show much, and that's fine seeing as how cameras have only begun rolling, while we did managed to learn more about what the film's story will entail, centrally focused on our title assassin's desperate escape from New York City with a 14 million dollar price on his head courtesy of his former auspices of international assassins' luxury hotel chain, The Continental.

The plot will also venture into Wick's accessibility throughout the underground which he uses to survive, and that's about all there is to it as things stand. With production continuing through the next several months in other territories around the world, we're bound to learn more about what this third installment will entail, including confirming the rumored addition of Kidnap star and Kingsman: The Golden Circle actress Halle Berry to the film in the role of "Sofia", according to Charles Murphy's exclusive this past Wednesday over at That Hashtag Show which cites the character as “woman, 20-40, who has a small child” and as one of several actresses to hopefully add to the film's diverse population.

Actor and Asian action cinema thesp, Sanada Hiroyuki, was previously reported by ThatHashtagShow back in January before being reaffirmed by other outlets, which signals plenty about this latest update. Both, along with title star Keanu Reeves will be joined by others reprising their roles and newcomers to the franchise as Lionsgate plots a May 17, 2019 release.


  1. May 17th is Trent Reznor’s birthday, so that means this will be awesome, haha!


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