GINTAMA 2 Signals A Trio Of Peacemakers In New Character Posters

I'm still a little bit on the fence about Fukuda Yuichi's 2017 live-action adaptation of Sorachi Hideaki's Gintama. Granted however, it's a pretty short fence with lots of cozy bushes to land on as much as I've given the film a curve being a fan of the anime that I am and how generally fun the film was.

Needless to say, I'm already curious about what the summer will bring with the forthcoming sequel, tentatively titled Gintama 2. The latest update over at the offical website doesn't have much in the way of anything new apart from the expected return of actor Masaki Suda and actress Hashimoto Kanna in the respective roles of straight-laced Shinpachi and loveable, battle-proficient Yato exile Kagura.

Both rejoin actor Oguri Shun who headlines the trio based on Sorachi Hideaki's longstanding manga and subsequent anime. Gintama centers its whacky, often parodic narrative on a trio of odd jobbers self-sustaining in an alternative era of Japan where alien occupation and co-existence have since led to an intergalactic power struggle with supernatural forces partly led by a superhuman, anarchic foe connected to our hero's past.

Fukuda directed the 2017 film which delivers a live-action telling of the Benizakura Arc, as well as a limited dTV series based on the Mitsuba Arc after. The sequel is set to arrive on August 17 as fans await the final half of the Silver Soul arc which airs in July.

Production reportedly wrapped earlier this month following an announcement in February. Actor Sato Jiro played one of the first film's villains and is expected to return for the sequel in a different capacity which Fukuda himself has previously teased via Twitter.

Further cast, crew and plot details remain pending while the production has since ponied up three new interlinked character posters of our title cast which you can view below.

GINTAMA 2: Character Posters

Meghan Whitfield and Kishita Kirt contributed to this report.


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