FURROW Teaser: Jesse Haaja's Action Horror Pitch Sounds The Drums Of One Woman's War On The Undead

The wheels have officially begun turning for filmmaker Jesse Haaja with the new action horror, Furrow. It's a thoroughly exciting endeavor for me, personally, having kept up with its star talent in actress Jessica Wolff in the last few years and now with Furrow next in line as something I hope sees her land a feature that will grant her the audience she so deserves.

As such, Furrow was filmed a few days in early cold Spring as a proof of concept Haaja plans to pitch for significant backing following his breakout festival success with Finnish debut superhero thriller, Rendel. Haaja steers a new script rewrite now with screenwriter Petra Forsten that sees Wolff as Laura, a young farm girl forced to fend off hordes of Swombies (swamp zombies) after unleashing an unspeakable evil that ensues their arrival.

Haaja is in good company with much the DNA in the Rendel crew on board for Furrow and with any luck, not only will we get the kind of upbeat, wild, brutal and kick ass thrillride Haaja can notably deliver, but we'll also have a new action female star to welcome to the world stage. I think it's only right this happens.

Much ado with Furrow is being kept exclusively with Haaja in-house so time will tell how long it'll be before we get to see something in full. That said, we do get to see a title teaser with select images that signal something worth keeping an eye on. Check it out below via Twitter!


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