Don't Turn A Blind Eye This May For Eric Jacobus's BLINDSIDED: THE GAME

I'm hesitant to mention anything more, but I have a truly viable and strong feeling fans are in for a real treat come May 17. Prolific internet star, actor and filmmaker Eric Jacobus signaled the date upon sharing the new poster for Blindsided: The Game, succeeding the launchpad of Jacobus/Barber Productions that was last year's shortfilm release, Blindsided.

Industry stuntman and coordinator  Clayton Barber, collaborates as director and writer once again with Jacobus following up as Walter Cooke, a blind apple pie connoisseur who clashes with a loan shark and his goons after saving the life of an indebted store clerk. Jacobus sternly crafts the physical slapstick comedy that foundates the slick, solid martial arts action that personifies the role of Cooke in a way that resoundingly bridges the protagonist likes of Zatoichi, Blind Fury and Daredevil's Matt Murdock.

I've been following Jacobus for more than fourteen years and I am positively thrilled by this project amid the cavalcade of ideas he could manifest and nourish. Blindsided definitely comes across as something that should be much bigger and thus, I sincerely hope the JB team get all the backing and support they need on this. It is MORE than deserved.

Check out the poster below, and you've seen the first film, then by all means, share it with someone who hasn't, and then have them subscribe to Jacobus' channel... because I have a feeling a really kickass trailer is coming.


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