DEADPOOL 2 Gets A Final Trailer That Makes Zero Apologies!

Marvel movies continually manage to sustain a higher ground over their DC competition, and for a number of reasons. Having homes at more than one studio is one, including at Fox where the liberty given to the bustling Deadpool franchise, for all intents and purposes, has paid off handsomely.

The upcoming May 18 sequel now looks to repeat that success and the production itself has seen quite the rollercoaster. At least one major concern, however, sits on maintaining the same balanced tone of fourth wall-breaking comedy jabs coupled with the kind of superb action Deadpool was known for.

Ryan Reynolds is back and leading those efforts in spades and indeed, given the necessary improvements that preceeded its better test screenings, the latest and final trailer appears to hint delightfully at this. New story, new heroes, new villains and even more shenanigans are abound, so check out the trailer below and get your tickets at Fandango now.


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