BLEACH Unleashes The Beasts In The First Official Trailer!

Warner Bros. Japan
Indeed, the desktop version of this article looks a lot better so if you're on mobile, feel free to switch that shit. At any rate though, Japan locals are officially two months out from bearing witness to what a live-action adaptation of Kubo Tite's highly beloved manga, BLEACH, looks like on the big screen.

The official trailer is live and online and packed with sorts of monster-battling antics comprised of the work it took for this film to get put together. The cast is seemingly small for this one as it appears many of the supporting characters from the original property have been done away with. That could change with sequels and even then, we all know how that works.

Director Sato Shinsuke and co-scribe Habara Daisuke shepherd the pic inspired by the manga, reuniting Blade Of The Immortal pair Fukushi Sota and Sugisaki Hana for the tale of Kuroskaki Ichigo a ghost-whispering high school student suddenly embued by spirit warrior, Rukia, with the powers of a Soul Reaper to help battle demons and rescue suffering entities.

Also starring are Gintama actor Yoshizawa Ryo arrives for the role of the last remaining Quincy of his people, Ishida Uryu, as well as HiGH&LOW film franchise actor Saotome Taichi and actor/recording artist MIYAVI in the respective roles of Soul Society lieutenants, Renji, and Rukia's authoritative brother, Byakuya.

With any luck we'll hear more very soon on how this will get allocated outside Japan. Until then, enjoy the trailer and some of the snazzy poster art beneath which you can click for larger viewing!


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