BELIEVER Delivers A Smokin' New Trailer For Lee Hae-Young's DRUG WAR Remake

To say that remakes can't be done right is a statement that doesn't exactly stand flawless. Granted, there are plenty that fail to deliver, but the scale weighs differently with each film which is exactly why I'm always willing to give them a shot.

That being said, I don't specifically know if the same skeptic sentiments often shared in Western audiences extend in China and Korea, but director Lee Hae-Young is more than willing to make a worthwhile case. Having found his inspiration in Johnnie To's hit crime thriller, Drug War, Lee's fourth film, dubbed Believer, has begun its campaign with a first a official trailer that doesn't hesitate to get down, dirty and in the thick of things.
Detective Won-ho is determined to catch the infamous leader of Asia’s largest drug market, who is known only by the name, ‘Mr. LEE.’ While searching for Mr. LEE, Won-ho apprehends and eventually conspires with Rak, a lowly member of the drug cartel who seeks revenge against Mr. LEE. An endless dilemma between trust and suspicions begins.
A Hard Day and Man Of Will starring actor Cho Jin-Woong reprises the role previously held by actor Sun Honglei in To's film opposite actor Ryu Jun-Yeol who plays Rak, a low-ranking member of the drug cartel in the latest incarnation of Louis Koo's character. Also starring are Man On High Heels stars Cha Seung-won and Confidential Assignment star, late actor Kim Joo-hyuk in his final performance.

This trailer is the bees knees in my opinion. If you follow Korean cinema, feast your eyes below ahead of its May 24 release and stay tuned for more info.


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