ASTRO: Gary Daniels And Interstellar Family Matters In The First Trailer

Considering the premise, it's almost as if director Asif Akbar wanted to make a sci-fi flick and consulted with Elon Musk at the time. Alas, beckoning the sci-fi crowd for the hopeful launch of a trilogy is the first official trailer for Akbar's latest, Astro

Akbar co-wrote and helmed the pic thriving on his own affinity and fascination of interstellar life. That aspect gets a good bit of screentime front and center for folks who are more keen on cerebral sci-fi and drama whilst enjoying Gary Daniels' return to the screen.
ASTRO is about an eccentric billionaire's private spacecraft that returns to Earth with an abducted extraterrestrial from a newly discovered planet. When the billionaire and his scientists discover that former Special Forces soldier Jack Adams has the same DNA as the alien, they force Jack into their experimental program to extract secrets of the universe. When Jack and his daughter fight back against the scientists, all hell breaks loose.
A June 8 select theatrical and digital release is in tow for the film which also has Battle Drone co-stars Michael Pare, Dominique Swain and Louis Mandylor with Orson Chaplin and Eric Roberts also starring.

Check out the trailer below courtesy of SyFy Wire.


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