THE KNIGHT OF SHADOWS BETWEEN YIN AND YANG: Jackie Chan Drinks Up A Tall Order In The Latest Poster

Jackie Chan's latest animated feat, The Knight Of Shadows Between Yin And Yang has long been confirmed for a 2019 since events wrapped last week at FilMart. The film is helmed by Vash in his directorial debut and one that will need a hefty rendering of special effects for the final product, some of which you can take a gander at in the first official poster.
In Ancient China, hordes of demons are pouring into our world! The demon hunter (Jackie Chan) must brush away monstrous trespassers with magical arts, martial arts, and his own menagerie of demons. When something starts kidnapping village girls to feast on their souls, our hero encounters another demon hunter who is not fully human! This next-generation Chinese blockbuster features exciting action, wild comedy, eternal love, thrilling VFX, and revelations of a world beyond.
Also starring are Ethan Yuan, Peng Lin and Youth actress Elain Zhong. An exact date remains pending while Chan fans can now add this to other projects the celebrated actor and action icon is circling. For that matter and compared to earlier artwork, we can now see Chan much more visibly and judging by the jug in his hand, seemingly in a role much akin to his earlier drunken hero renditions.

I detect fan service.

Check out the extensive art below!


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