THE BUTCHER: Get A Fistful Of David Sakurai In The New Concept Trailer

Don't look too hard online just yet for any extra details as of late. You won't find much to go on for Danish/British director Shaun Rana's latest endeavor, The Butcher, taking on a graphic novel-esque life of its own with Danish actor and martial artist David Sakurai in the title role.

A concept trailer is now live along with some plot filling to aid forthcoming curiousities about the project in its current stage. The film hails as Rana's second turn at the helm and for what it's worth, is not without its share of genuine talent front and center. Details on when cameras will role otherwise remains pending.
Central Europe, a dystopian near future - high tech and gleaming in places - slum elsewhere.
A violent metropolis ruled by the syndicates in the most brutal ways.
A world where individuals with ancient super natural powers used to co-exist in peace..
These individuals are now mostly extinct, corrupted or in hiding - but some are waiting in the shadows, seeking to make a difference.
Sakurai's career progression has shown spurts of proliferation in recent memory having proven exemplary with Shaky Gonzalez's action short proof, Echoes Of A Ronin, as well as in Marvel's Iron Fist opposite Finn Jones and just this year in Isaac Florentine's Acts Of Vengeance. His latest move with The Butcher reunites him with Rana who served as editor on the Danish 2012 action drama, Through Darkness, as well as with Lene Børglum who produced Echoes Of A Ronin and as executive producer on Sidney Lexy Plaut's more avant-garde Dark Samurai.

November will also see Sakurai appearing this November in David Yates's Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald - A good case for Sakurai's on-screen ascension and leading man potential on what looks so far like a fun package with tons of spectacle to hit audiences hard.

Check out the concept trailer and motion poster below, and feel free to browse Rana's Instagram as it looks as if he's slowly ramping up on his craft with other gems in the mix.


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