FIST OF THE BLUE SKY: REGENESIS Ensues A Prequel Battle For The Ages In The Newest Subbed Trailer

Anime fans are just days away from the series adaptation premiere of Ajin helmer Katsumi Akio's Fist Of The Blue Sky: REGENESIS. It's the latest in a franchise that has considerably stood the test of time since launching from the minds of creative duo Buronson and Hara Tetsuo from 1989 and onward with Fist Of The North Star, and forever etching it in the annals of history as one of the most epic martial arts classics ever to hit the manga/anime crowd.

Katsumi Akio helms the latest iteration which sets itself before the intial timeline with our hero faces off with a looming threat in early 1900s China following the deaths of his lover and former brothers. Amazon Prime Video consumers in Japan will get first dibs on April 2 with a release across Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto Broadcasting, and BS-Fuji and judging by the trailers that have rolled out from anime staple Polygon Pictures, Katsumi's treatment here looks like a stunner to celebrate 35 years of awesome.
Fist of the Blue Sky is the tale of "Kenshiro Kasumi, 62nd heir to the Fist of the North Star fighting style," who is known as the fiercest, most unrestrained inheritor of the North Star style in its 1800-year history. Fist of the Blue Sky comes to life once more as a new TV anime overseen by the original author, Tetsuo Hara! Witness the life and times of Kenshiro Kasumi, the greatest successor of the Fist of the North Star!!
A subbed trailer from Pony Canyon USA is online. Peep it below, and hat tip to Paul Chapman at Crunchyroll for the deets.


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