AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Character Posters Are Still Missing THAT Guy....

Some more poster profusion is abound for netizens gearing up for Avengers: Infinity War on April 27. I have to say though, as electric as the mood is, the continued lack of Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye since the most recent official poster is starting to feel like a running joke. It's almost ominous in a sense what with all the hype stirring about someone's death.

Even so though... it does feel erroneous to leave out an Avenger not just once but several times over in lieu of such a stellar event film. Whether this is actually just a small issue or not remains to be seen though, but it's hard to ignore and it makes you wish the Russos would come either get their PR shit together or come clean about these Hawkeye-less posters...

This, of course, coupled with the fact that the film has already bested Black Panther in advance ticket sales, means the hype is working (not to mention the shenanigans happening here)...and THAT is how you sell a movie, kids.

Peep the new character posters below.



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