Alexander Wraith's FURY OF THE FIST AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE Teases A Gonzo Action Comedy Fever Dream In The Official Trailer

When it comes to independent cinema, "silly" and "bizarre" are ample themes to take heed to in the creative process. Others tend to go invariably overboard with it to the point of just plain, unwatchably ridiculous (...talking to you, Death Race 2050). I don't know, maybe it's my tastes changing, and that isn't to imply that actor and martial artist Alexander Wraith's directorial debut, Fury Of The Fist And The Golden Fleece, won't hold it's own for audiences.

The official trailer, out as of a few days ago, definitely teases some treasured gems within its throwback, over-the-top B-movie veneer, and that we have the likes of Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Ernie Reyes Jr., Taimak, Bill Goldberg, Tiny Lister, Danny Trejo, rising actress Bianca Van Damme and an unrecognizable Michael Dudikoff among the roster definitely reassures action fans may take a gander. For this, we have actor and co-writer Sean Stone leading the narrative for the film's May 25 release and with a protagonist that clearly puts out equal effort and caliber.

The film's premise centers on Stone in the role of the Fist, a 1970's porn star fallen from grace by the next decade and threatened with eviction from his shaggy studio apartment. The crux of his downfall: a lucky golden fleece jacket which gave rise to his celebrity and his mojo. Thus, a brush with a local street thug named Superfly at the diner where our underdog protagonist works ensues into rousing adventure with friends that eventually uncovers a conspiracy to emasculate men through estrogen-pumped meat at the hands of the Superboss and the looming evil forces of W.I.T.C.H..

That said, the question still remains as to whether or not the Fist will find his mojo, and his gold fleece before long. It IS the film's McGuffin and, well... the rest is history I guess. Den Of Geek exclusively rolled out the trailer recently and the film's newly-landed home at Comedy Dynamics provided their upload which you can view right now with Juhahn Jones, Don Frye, Tommy Davidson, Richard Grieco and Ron Jeremy also starring.

(This is me crossing my fingers.)


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