VENOM Seethes Online With A Chilling First Teaser

Things are boding well for Sony and all things Spider-Man. Their latest take on the villainous Venom is now shaping up for the solid start of a trilogy which could well veer into Spidey territory as things move forward.

Alas, the studio is finally unveiling an official teaser and comic book fans are already reeling, and not for nothing. Indeed Tom Hardy stands to gain quite a bit from his incarnation of Eddie Brock and the footage amply dispels that mystery accordingly...sans costume that is, but we do get a good visual of the very symbiote the Marvel property is based on as well as that of Michelle Williams which hints further that our titular anti-hero might not be alone in donning the symbiotic alien armor.

Whatever the case may be, updates on comic book movies can be fickle and so we'll be sharing the solid stuff in due time. Ruben Fleischer directs for the film's October 5 release!


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