The Rock's Best Friend Is On A RAMPAGE In The New Official Trailer

If you're a major Hollywood studio nowadays, you WANT actor Dwayne Johnson in your building. That's pretty much been the mindset for sometime now and especially in recent memory as the actor builds himself into more films while on sets of others.

Such is what director Brad Peyton gets to share with the action star once again after San Andreas and with none other than classic game adaptation, Rampage, hitting theaters on April 20. Warner Bros. Pictures is out with a brand new trailer to charm the masses with Johnson in the role of a Primatologist whose long and close friendship with an orphaned albino silverback gorilla named George is threatened by a rogue experiment gone haywire. 

Oscar nominee Naomie Harris also stars along with Malin Akerman, Jake Lacy, Joe Manganiello and Jeffrey Dean Morgan from a script by and a tone keen clearly on drawing out the pro-Harambe crowd. Watch the new trailer now!


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