THE RETURN OF THE LUCKY STARS Signals The Return Of Lucky Faces And New Cast Additions

For up to four decades, the Lucky Stars franchise has been a staple of Hong Kong action cinema bearing the likes of Sammo Hung a motley crew of players like Richard Ng, John Sham, Charlie Chin, Eric Tsang and Stanley Fung. Adding to the robust action comedy fare were legends Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao along with Sibble Hu, Dick Wei, Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh, Richard Norton and Kurata Yasuaki to name a few and with seven non-linear narrative films in, it was a likely surprise for all who learned last year that another was in tow.

Fast forward to 2018 and with a hat tip to Asian Film Strike via Twitter that production has long since begun with some weeks already in filming The Return Of Lucky Stars with Hung taking on acting and directing duties. Previous reports have indicated several of the regular cast members may be back while others joining in include Tai Chi Zero/Hero cohorts Eddie Peng and Tony Leung Ka Fai with Manhunt co-star Qi Wei and Vampire Cleanup Department co-star Chin Siu Ho. The rumored additions of actor Mark Chao and actresses Ni Yan and Tiffany Tang remain pending for confirmation.

There isn't much else what with all the fan fervor behind these late developments except for a few viral miscellaneous set pics floating online including one in which Hung sports his iconic mushroom haircut. The Return Of Lucky Stars hails as the first of Hung's recently announced slate for Sammo Hung Films after stirring headlines at the 2017 installment of Hong Kong Filmart.

Stay tuned for details!


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