THE HIT LIST: February 5, 2018

And over the Super Bowl Sunday hump we go as we enter another week. No feedback on my end, really. I worked all weekend and focused on blog content so watching the game wasn't exactly optional. But, The Hit List certainly helps kill time.

Top (L to R): Kiera O'Connor, Fernando Jay Huerto, Dan Carter, Tyler Williams, Olivia Brown
Bottom (L to R): Jae Greene, Hannah Scott, Paul Dreschler-Martell, Kerry Lacy, Igor Tjumenzev

Alas, here's some amazing reel and film content to enliven your week accordingly with a fresh new raft of stunt reels starting with Breakfall Studios' own Paul Varacchi via Vimeo.

The playlist just beneath kicks off in high gear staring with Kiera O'Connor whose most recent appearance in Capture stands as one of the best I've seen from the Sloyerstunts channel. Her reel starts the player below followed by reels from Von Simmons, Igor TjumenzevTyler Williams, Sam Akel, Andres Alejandro, Ultimate Beastmaster's Amanda Cass, Nate HitpasJoe Bagtas, Von Simmons, Ruben Maldonado, Olvia Brown and Alfred Hsing with stunt coordinators reels Kamy Bruder and Keith Davis, and an amazing ensemble video entry from the stellar traceurs and stunt cats who compromise as members of transatlantic parkour and stunt unit, 3run!

Making the promotional rounds this week are two projects, one with a teaser already making the rounds for upcoming proof-of-concept, The Omega Unit. Mark Cheng, best known for the highly popupar 2011 G.I. Joe fan film Operation: Red Retrieval and the upcoming release of his feature debut, Ghost Source Zero, shepherds the project once more in reunion with Green Monster Stunts whose Jae Greene also co-stars, stunt coordinates and scripts the narrative.

Plot details are unknown while aside from what's been offered in writing as a story that brings a hybrid supernatural tale in the vein of Seal Team Six, the teaser itself lends a fair glimpse to earn your interest before its release in March.

Just beneath is an Instagram post from Stacey Maltin, an actress and producer by trade who has since taken off last summer with her own debut, Viola. Actress Kerry Lacy leads the narrative from her own script which plays out as a surreal, cautionary tale of a single moment in which for one seemingly helpless woman caught amid the day-to-day stigma of being a female in a "man's world", a set of door keys and a split-second fight-or-flight decision will make all the difference. The aforementioned Paul Varacchi also co-stars and serves as fight coordinator.

Viola is still touring festivals with its next stop set for the third-annual Artemis Women In Action Film Festival this April in Los Angeles, California. In the meantime, all I can offer to date is a stillshot via Maltin's Instagram which should clue you in a little more about what lies ahead.

Time to wind things down with a round of fight action from stunt players Paul Dreschler-Martell and Matt Healey to kickstart the week's Fights And Films next to Jabronie Pictures's own Fernando Jay Huero testing a DJI Osmo with the gang at Action Horizons, and Hannah Scott making a stellar return to The Hit List in a pair of awesome practice gems with James Newman and Dan Carter, the latter who lenses the second with Jim Ng helming the first.

Aballa Ben emerges out of Algeria with some El Matragi Stickfighting while Jenna Cusack gets her shot in Aaron Field's Get That Girl, Corbett McAllister takes a 'Page' from the 90s with Robbie Corbett in The Couchmaster, a deal gone wrong sets the pace in Marc David's M7, and Bat In The Sun's Aaron Scheonke leaves room for an alternate ending as Nightwing against John Hennigan's Winter Soldier in Super Power Beat Down while Emmanuel Manzanares revisits a Hong Kong classic in a fight redux inspired by Wheels On Meals (a reupload of a previous video) with Mickey Facchinello and Brendon Huor.

Webseries endeavors move forward with Robin Deeter and Damian C. King with the pilot episode for Project Child: Origins which you can read up on here, prior to Linda Jacobsen's harrowing fight from captivity in Sheng Yong Cheng's ES/CA/PE, and Ricky Saldan's search for Blood And Vengeance in a new action short from Ozoh Purnama Stunts with key performances by director Jonathan Ozoh and actress Kim Litha. Heather Wake follows up the action as the heroine we need in Christopher Sheffield's Friday Night In Gotham, and Indonesian action troupe Pirhana Stunts weights in with the fast and hard-hitting "one man army" thriller, One Day.

Rounding it all out is the first of twelve upcoming ss at a one per-month rate from Deviant Child Productions with shortfilm actioner, Brothers. Featuring stuntwork by Team One Take Action Design, actor Orlando Cruz brings the house down as a man who sets out to single handedly even the score with the gang that attacked his little brother, played by Elijah Candelario.

Nicholas Ortiz and writer Peter Lawton helm the new 2018 DCP kick off with other key performances by Team One Take's own Hector Soria, Stephanie Pham of Art School Dropouts, and introducing Elijah Candelario as Javier.

Enjoy the hits!

Top (L to R): Marissa Carpio, Paul Varacchi, Linda Jacobsen, Robin Deeter, Sam Jaikaran
Bottom (L to R): Ruben Maldonado, Matt Healey, Kim Litha, Aaron Schoenke, Kamy Bruder

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