LOBO: Michael Bay To Direct The Long-Awaited DC Comics Adaptation

Just short of two years since we last heard on anything pertaining to a Lobo adaptation, trades are now reporting that Michael Bay is being sought after by Warner Bros. to direct the film. Bay, best known for his riduculous, explody and destructive approach to blockbusters since the 90s and to date with all things Transformers at Paramount, will meet once more with Warner Bros. pending script rewrites by Jason Fuchs since his attachment in Spring of 2016.

A big-screen adaptation of the long-running DC property has been in the works since around 2009 while the character itself has already made the rounds in comic books and animated properties. Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen launched the character in 1983, telling of a Czarnian alien bounty hunter and often villian who re-emerged as an anti-hero biker in the 1990s. San Andreas helmer Brad Peyton was last tapped to direct and his since moved on with development on two game adaptations, and a San Andreas sequel.

News of Bay further reportedly indicates a step closer to what would hopefully be their answer to Mavel's Deadpool.


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