Casting And Release Date News Breathes Life Into Sato Shinsuke's BLEACH Adaptation

Sato Shinsuke's new fantasy actioner, Bleach, has been one of the most oddly more mysterious productions to date. Point in fact, I almost didn't think this film was happening at all as all we've known for two years now was the addition of actor Fukushi Sota to the lead role inspite by Kubo Tite's 2001 manga and subsequent 2004 animated series.

Much to its credit, last year's teaser looked pretty damn cool in achieving its desired effect. Actor Fukushi Sota is set to star as Kurosaki Ichigo, a high school student who is mysteriously able to see and interact with ghosts. When he harnesses the powers and abilities of a Soul Reaper named Rukia amidst her whirlwind battle with an otherworldly demon called a "hollow", the two form a reluctant alliance to tackle the beasts, setting off an incredible adventure of self-discovery between epic, brutal, interdimensional battles against superior foes among many factions.

That's all we've known since 2016. Fast forward to this weekend and we now know Fukushi will be joined by fellow Blade Of The Immortal cohort Sugisaki Hana as Rukia. This, along with a release date set for July 20 pretty much puts all doubt of this film's existence to rest.

Check out Hana in a dual presentation of Soul Reaper/Schoolgirl Rukia in the pic below and stay tuned for a trailer.


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