10X10 Makes Plenty Of Room For Terror In The Official Trailer

Suzi Ewing's directorial debut with contained suspense thriller, 10x10, is gearing up for theatrical releases in the U.S. and U.K. this Spring.

Co-star Noel Clarke provided the screenplay that sees Luke Evans and actress Kelly Reilly headlining, and with a story that seemingly turns the hostage/captive scenario on its head. You kind of get that from the trailer while asking yourself if there's more to this than meets the eye lest the trailer give away the plot twist and so... well... yeah.
Just a few days from opening her new business, Cathy’s (Kelly Reilly) fresh start is interrupted when she is attacked, kidnapped and locked in a room. She assumes the kidnapper wants her body or her life, but he is after something simpler…her name.
Vertical Entertainment nabbed the title last November for its North American theatrical and digital release now set for April 13. Catch the trailer below!


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