LIONHEART 2, THE QUEST 2, FULL LOVE, THE TOWER Among A Raft Of Jean-Claude Van Damme Projects Eyed At Rodin Entertainment

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The past fifteen years or so have proven quite arduous in keeping up with action star Jean-Claude Van Damme and the revolving door of projects that have either come and gone or have just remained shelved for one reason or another. It hasn't been without its share of good fortunes though as with the 57-year old martial arts film star has come a number of some very much stronger performances in more concentrated projects aimed at harnessing his dramatic best; Apart from formulaic direct-to-video releases like In Hell, examples that come to mind include the much celebrated JCVD, Enemies Closer, Welcome To The Jungle, The Expendables 2 and John Hyams's 2009 and 2012 treatments revising the Universal Soldier franchise to name a few.

He's also had his hands in directing with Full Love (once known as The Eagle Path) having remained in production for years almost seemingly non-end next to other projects as well, including The Tower with son, actor Kris Van Damme, and a sequel to Sheldon Lettich's 1991 thriller, Lionheart (a remake of the 1975 Charles Bronson film, Hard Times) which was last set to go before cameras in 2016 with Moonstone Entertainment sharing the mantle. Nowdays those hopes are being stirred once again according to the actor who took to Twitter over the weekend to announce his latest partnership with Rodin Entertainment Ltd., and with a raft of titles categorized as either in post-production, in the making or slated for future interest.

A traumatised ex-soldier, Frenchy (JCVD) haunted by his past, works as a taxi driver in far East Asia who picks up a beautiful female passenger, Sophia. Driven by dark memories of his childhood, he becomes determined to improve her life and, without her approval, embarks on a journey which proves to be more dangerous and complicated then he expected. After encountering a series of harrowing obstacles he calls in favours from his friends who immediately join him. His military team engages in the biggest fight of their lives. War is hell, but nothing they’ve done could have prepared them for this.

Washington DC. A symbol of freedom and power in the eyes of our nation and the rest of the world. But in the shadows of the looming monuments and majestic government buildings, lies an underworld very different from the well-recognized images of our nation’s capital – a world ruled over by violent gangs and ruthless drug dealers.  
WE DIE YOUNG is a fast-paced crime thriller taking place over the course of 24 hours in the brutal drug slums of DC, where a young Hispanic boy dreams of finding a new life for him and his younger brother. When a traumatized ex-soldier comes into the neighborhood to fulfill a promise he once made, an unusual opportunity arises that will change their lives forever.

A cynical street hustler takes in a talented fighter on the lam from the authorities, helping the fighter raise money for his family as he uses him to pay down his own large gambling debts through underground street fights. 
As the fighter slowly discovers the connection between his family's tragedy and the hustler's boss, he realizes that, on the streets, it's hard to tell friend from foe, and even harder to do something about it.

Lukas is a nightclub bouncer in his fifties. A man who’s taken punches, literally and figuratively – who has been living on the edge for too many years.
He strives to grow his eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, with the little money he earns. When he is out at night, Sarah stays with the concierge, Therese, a nice lady in her sixties. Every morning, Lukas takes Sarah to her primary private school. They’re often late. And he’s got a few months due... They manage, though.
But one day, things take a twist: Lukas loses control during an altercation with a client he almost kills. He is immediately arrested and charged by the police. Lukas’s future is in jail. His daughter will be placed under the care of social services. Unless…
Trabelsi, Interpol, comes to visit Lukas in prison with an offer: the incident could be ignored, Lukas could even keep the custody of his daughter. All this, in exchange for one service: come and work for Interpol to trap the chief of a Dutch gang operating from Belgium. Left with no choice, Lukas accepts the deal and begins his mission. He starts working as a bouncer in Jan's club and is soon used as a henchman by the Dutch gangster. As a member of the gang, Lukas is caught up in a spiral of violence - stuck between a paranoid Jan and a cop obsessed with results.
In the process of handing over Jan to Justice, Lukas becomes close to Lisa, a sultry young lady who works for the gang as a money counterfeiter. He commits himself to a dangerous love affair with her, who does not imagine him being an undercover officer. As the mission gets close to its end, Lukas finds himself isolated and threatened: Jan is suspecting someone and Trabelsi turns out to be a dirty cop! 
Isolated, Lukas will have to fight to stay alive, to protect his daughter and his life.

‘VAN DAMNED’ is an intriguing look at one of the world’s most famous action stars, JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME, as you’ve never seen him before.  It is a hypnotic tale about Jean-Claude (JC) and his journey towards redemption and salvation. 
 JC is living the life; he is famous, rich, has a beautiful wife and daughter but on the flip side, he is morally bankrupt and living a secret life of deception that is tearing his soul apart.   
‘VAN DAMNED’ is a lurid story in which JC is finally called out for his deviant ways and must be held accountable for his actions in the search of redemption and a new and better life.  Each character he meets is more frightening than the previous and they all know the truth about his ways.  JC’s charm does not work on anyone in this world. 
It is as if he is skirting along the atmosphere between Purgatory and Dante’s 6th level of hell and JC is terrified for what he has to answer for along the way. 
The story is filled with exotic and dangerous locations and characters who each want of piece of JC, while some literally crave a pound of his flesh in order for him to answer for what he has done during the missteps in his life. 
Will JC finally find salvation at the end of his journey and reunite with his wife and daughter, not even JC knows for sure if this is even possible in the world of ‘VAN DAMNED.’
The Tower, which has undergone an evolution of its own since 2003, doesn't have any detailed info on the website while previous info indicates it as a tournament thriller that will see him go toe to toe with his son per the narrative. A sequel for Van Damme's 1996 directing debut, The Quest, is also listed with pre-lim artwork and no information as of this article.

The Bouncer is likely underway following news late last year with Other Angle representing the film internationally. Van Damme's latest prospects also lie in JCVD TV according to the website, tentatively completing the slate of films and projects for Van Damme and Rodin which, after the recent cancellation of Jean-Claude Van Johnson at Amazon, ought to keep the actor well on his feet and busy.

Van Damme currently appears in Dimitri Logothetis's directing debut sequelizing John Stockwell's Kickboxer: Vengeance with Kickboxer: Retaliation, headlined by Alain Moussi for Well Go USA. Also in tow is the latest reunion between Van Damme and fellow action star Dolph Lundgren for Saban's latest acquisition, Black Water, this Spring.


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