I KILL GIANTS: Watch The Trailer For Anders Walter's Fantasy Directorial Debut

Debut director Anders Walter earned his way up late last year with the festival crowd in Toronto for his first feature film, I Kill Giants. RLJE Films's own acquisition of the award-winning shortfilm helmer's new feature fantasy adventure followed in December and with a limited theatrical and on-Demand release now primed for March 23, Yahoo! Movies unveiled an official trailer that serves up a fantastic intro into the embattled world of a young heroine in the making.
Barbara Thorson is your new hero. A quick-witted, sharp-tongued middle-schooler who isn’t afraid of anything. As the only girl in school carrying an ancient Norse warhammer in her purse and killing giants for a living, why wouldn’t she be? I Kill Giants is the sweeping, bittersweet story of a young girl struggling to conquer monsters both real and imagined as her world crumbles at the feet of giants bigger than any one child can handle.
The film is based on a 2008 novel by Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura, the former of the two who scripted the film with a cast led by Madison Wolfe, Imogen Poots and Zoe Saldana. Don't miss the trailer below!


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