GENGHIS KHAN: William Chan Reigns In The Epic Official Trailer

Notorious imperial Mongol ruler Genghis Khan has been the subject matter many a time in history for film and television. Winning director Hasi Chaolu has undertaken the task of his own fantasy rendition of the historical figure for his own take setting course for theaters this Spring with actor William Chan in the title role.
Temüjin and Börte are childhood lovers who are deeply in love; but news of Temüjin's father's death swiftly disrupted their relationship. Temüjin heads back to his hometown, but was faced with a sudden attack from his father's former comrades, causing his whole tribe to be destroyed.
Chaolu is joined by producer Jean-Jacques Annaud, best known for his heralded writing and directing credits including recent wins for his 2015 adaptation of Jiang Rong's 2004 novel, Wolf Totem. Rounding out the cast are Jelly Lin, Hu Jun and Zhang Xinyi for the film's April 28 release.

Check out the trailer!


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