ATTRITION: Clear Your Conscience And Watch The New Trailer For The Steven Seagal Thriller

Let's face it. The elephant in the room is as clear as the sky on a bright and sunny day regarding recent weeks of news over allegations of sexual misconduct and because of this, promoting his work will be a little heavy in handling. And on a wider scale, it ultimately affects everyone else around him pertaining to career prospects and they obviously don't need the hassle.

That said, he does have a few new films on the horizon and granted the 65-year old Aikido showman and film star still has his share of fans who will shamelessly overlook his alleged misdeeds. Pan over to Saradan Media who've just recently unveiled the international sales trailer for his latest, Attrition, which we'll hear more about in the months ahead as market news takes shape. 

Covert Operation helmer Mathieu Weschler directs Seagal who leads the film as Axe, a stoic, hermetized former soldier who assembles his old team to confront a ruthless crimeboss and rescue the beautiful enchantress who helped redeem him. Rounding out the cast are Kung Fu Killer co-stars Louis Fan and Donnie Yen cohort Yu Kang, the latter who plays the villain, with Yoon Cha-Lee (Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A) and actress Ting Sue and Kat Ingkarat (Locked Up), with James Bennett (Kill 'Em All), Rudy Youngblood (Wind Walkers) and MMA Fighter Sergey Badyuk. 

Indeed, some of the cast here is top tier in talent and it shows itself amply in the footage below. As for the bits with Seagal who looks like he's doing his best with perfunctory techniques a la Donnie Yen's Ip Man, volleys of punches and such, I'll leave that to you all to decide among other things.

For what it's worth, check out the trailer below.


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