Su Chaopin's PATHFINDER Sounds The Alarm In The First Official Teaser

The past few months have been astir for Tencent Pictures, having ramped up its slate of up to more than forty-three film and television projects back in September. Keeping the pace going further, we're getting a look at just one of their latest ambitious film offerings from Taiwanese filmmaker Su Chaopin (Reign Of Assassins, Silk), now headed for 2018 with the new manhua adaptation, Pathfinder.

Central to the narrative is actor Song Yang (Judge Archer, The Sword Idenity, The Final Master) with actresses Xi and Jingjing Qu starring from a script by Xu that pits a group humans on a desolate moon planet fighting to survive the dangerous elements, and a deadly female villain. I'm not at all familiar with the original IP myself but if an edgy, filmic hybrid between Mad Max and Elysium is what Pathfinder looks like, I'd say it looks pretty darn worthwhile feature.

Check out the first teaser below.


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