ON THAT NIGHT...WHILE WE DREAM Brings Martial Arts Stardom Together In The First Official Shortfilm Trailer

At around this time next week, expect to hear more from the rumblings in China with Alibaba bigwig, Jack Ma, and his latest filmic musings with a kung fu line-up of big-name stars and athletes. We now have the first official trailer announcing On That Night...While We Dream, aptly hailed on poster art with the characters, Gong Shu Dao, a martial arts prose meaning Guard And Defense.

A celebration of Chinese culture via martial arts is the reported goal of the new shortfilm project filmed in late Summer - a personal one at that for Ma, a disciple himself of a 19th generation Master descendant of Chens' Taiji. That goal now reaches closer with a promo that highlights some of the work from our cast with footage from Gordon Chan's Call Of Heroes, Donnie Yen as Ip Man, Tony Jaa in The Protector 2 and Ma's Taijizen International founding partner Jet Li with footage from hits like The Tai Chi Master and Fearless among others; Granted, it's a far cry from actual footage so perhaps we'll see something more in the next several days and this at least enough to treat eager fans.

The four aforementioned are joined by Wu Jing, Shiming Zou, Akinori Asashōryū, Jacky Heung and Natasha Liu Bordizzo with Yuen Woo Ping, Sammo Hung and Tony Ching. Peep the promo below as well as the available posters just beneath!

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